FAS Cloud


Developed on Microsoft’s trusted Azure cloud-computing platform, our proprietary software uses advanced sensors to collect over 500,000 data points per day, providing real-time visibility of operations, guaranteed fuel supply and new levels of efficiency.

Get answers well before you need to ask the questions. By providing insight into your operation down to the finest detail, you can assess and adjust in real-time, eliminating problems before they happen while maintaining production at peak efficiency.

Industry Leading Cloud-Based FAS Operating System

  • Provides online visibility and control into fueling operations with data points such as truck numbers, drivers, shifts, PO numbers and more
  • Realtime inventory management module and reporting solution
  • Predictive maintenance and equipment diagnostics help you correct issues before they become problems
  • Seamlessly integrates with existing systems and dashboards to automate processes, streamline billing functions and eliminate the need for field-level paperwork
  • Emergency shutdown can be initiated from anywhere
  • Accessible from any device over a secure internet connection
  • Solid IoT gateway infrastructure for security, reliability and scale

FAS Unit

The Fuel Automation Station is an all-in-one solution that meets your fueling needs by preventing jobsite downtime, unsafe working conditions, over fueling and loss of efficiency.

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The Automated Fluid Station has provided us with a more reliable fueling solution as well as a safer environment for workers on site. Noble was most excited to utilize the hot-fueling solution because it moved fuel personnel out of the red zone surrounding the frac pumps and moved them into a safe location away from frac operations. We’ve met with multiple vendors, but only FAS has been able to provide the quantity or lengths of hoses, quality of support and the reporting accuracy that Noble requires. All of these benefits are offered at competitive pricing.

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