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Fuel Automation Station – Diesel Fuel

Fluid Automation Station – Water, Chemicals, Lubricants and other bulk liquids

ROVER – Smaller unit reducing equipment congestion on-site, enabling simplified mobilization

International – Developed with the unique geographic environments in mind

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The Fuel Automation station is an all-in-one solution that meets your fueling needs by preventing jobsite downtime, unsafe working conditions, over fueling and loss of efficiency.


  • Trailer-mounted to make it easy to move into and out of any site
  • Up to 28 hoses make it capable of fueling multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously
  • Custom-built with a plug-and-play design
  • Requires no employees on the fueling site, so there’s no need to halt operations
  • Fracking additional stages daily


  • Protective sleeves on hoses protect from overflows, leaks and spills
  • Guided Wave Radar technology provides real-time tank monitoring and measuring for each piece of equipment
  • Maintains fuel reliability
  • Automated keep-fill technology


  • A single technician can control and monitor the fueling operations of each piece of equipment — all from the safety of a remote, self-contained command center
  • Designed fail safes ensure fuel reliability
  • Fire- and explosion-proof design
  • Diesel fuel exhaust enhancements remove NOx pollutants for a cleaner fuel solution

FAS Cloud

Developed on Microsoft’s trusted Azure cloud-computing platform, our proprietary software uses advanced sensors to collect over 500,000 data points per day, providing real-time visibility of operations, surety of fuel supply and new levels of efficiency.

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The Automated Fuel Station has provided us with a more reliable fueling solution as well as a safer environment for workers on site.  Noble was most excited to utilize the hot-fueling solution because it moved fuel personnel out of the red zone surrounding the frac pumps and moved them into a safe location away from frac operations.  We’ve met with multiple vendors, but only FAS has been able to provide the quantity or lengths of hoses, quality of support and the reporting accuracy that Noble requires.  All of these benefits are offered at competitive pricing.

Noble Energy


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