Birmingham, Mich. Oct. 28, 2019 – Fuel Automation Station and FuelNOW will be attending the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition & Conference (ADIPEC) from November 11-14 for the second consecutive year, showcasing groundbreaking automated fueling models and cloud-based technology solutions that tackle top global fueling and logistics challenges.

Fuel Automation Station is an automated fueling solution with a cloud-based operating system that improves efficiency, accuracy and safety in fueling operations, and FuelNOW is a smart last mile logistics platform that provides transparency and accuracy throughout the fuel delivery lifecycle. Both companies are part of the Simon Group Holdings investment portfolio and originated in the U.S. but have expanded globally after widespread adoption.


“We developed these unique solutions with global, cross-industry expansion in mind,” said Sam Simon, Founder, Chairman & Owner of Simon Group Holdings. “Both Fuel Automation Station and FuelNOW have a technology framework that can be applied to many other areas across the transportation and energy sectors.”


On display in the Fuel Automation Station/FuelNOW booth will be a live automated fueling unit with smart cloud technology that makes for fast, accurate and safer fueling in a wide-range of industries including fracking, marine, emergency response and more. Guided tours will be available throughout the show, giving attendees the chance to interact directly with the unit and technology dashboards.


With up to 28 hoses to track inventory levels and deliver products to multiple pieces of equipment simultaneously, the Fuel Automation Station’s patented technology boosts operational efficiency while eliminating spills, hazards and downtime. The unit’s plug-and-play design, built-in fail-safes, and automated keep-fill technology ensure operations stay up and running 24/7.


The FAS Cloud provides real-time visibility and control into fueling operations and seamlessly integrates with existing systems to automate processes, streamline billing functions and eliminate the need for field-level paperwork. Accessible from any device over a secure internet connection, its IoT gateway infrastructure allows customers to assess and adjust on the go.


In addition to Fuel Automation Station’s display at ADIPEC, FuelNOW’s last mile logistics technology will be featured in the exhibitor booth. FuelNOW offers a digital fuel marketplace through a smart app and platform that caters to fuel wholesalers, suppliers, carriers, drivers and end customers. Booth visitors will have the opportunity to learn about the various features within the FuelNOW tech stack that drive faster payments, increased customer/driver retention, an expanded 3PL network and increased business revenue.


“These disruptive solutions are constantly setting new industry standards,” said Michael Fahy, CEO of Technology Platforms at Simon Group Holdings. “Our teams are always developing new models, capabilities and technologies ahead of high market demands to satisfy the needs of our diverse customer-base.”


ADIPEC runs from Monday, November 11 through Thursday, November 14 at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre (ADNEC). It is one of the world’s largest oil and gas events that brings together industry stakeholders to share knowledge and exchange ideas on the energy industry.

Fuel Automation Station and FuelNOW will be exhibiting in booth #15150 in hall #15 in the Heavy Machinery Section. Schedule a live tour of the Fuel Automation Station unit at




About Fuel Automation Station

Fuel Automation Station (FAS) is a patented automated fueling solution that is setting the standard for safety and efficiency across multiple industries worldwide. Capable of providing automated product level management and delivery to as many as 28 distinct inventories simultaneously, FAS technology boosts operational efficiency while eliminating spills, hazards, and downtime. FAS offers a smart and secure cloud-based digital platform that provides customers with real-time data insight into their day-to-day fueling operations and is part of the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio. For more information on the Fuel Automation Station, visit


About FuelNOW

FuelNOW is a digital technology stack that empowers the last mile ecosystem of wholesalers, carriers, drivers and ultimate customers towards smarter, faster deliveries. They aim to be the digital marketplace and technology where everyone in the ecosystem connects and engages in a uniquely digital way, ultimately getting everyone paid exponentially faster. FuelNOW is a tech startup in the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio. Discover more about FuelNOW’s mission, culture, and team at