FAS Expands Global Footprint

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Birmingham, Mich. March 10, 2020– Several months after expanding internationally to Argentina, Fuel Automation Station (FAS) is launching automated fueling operations in Canada’s Montney and Duvernay Formations, and Saudi Arabia’s Ghawar Oil Field, with plans for continued regional expansion throughout 2020.

“Our ability to scale operations into international markets so rapidly is driven by our quality of product and commitment to customer success,” said Fuel Automation Station Vice President of Global Strategy, Fernando Pugnaire.  “Our team is constantly working with key stakeholders within the industries we service to engineer new models, expand capabilities and develop cutting-edge solutions for the most pressing fueling challenges.”

During international deployments, the FAS team handles all logistics including the packaging, shipping, dismantling and setup of each unit.  The team utilizes customized intermodal shipping containers to transport their automated fueling models overseas at a competitive price, while ensuring complete safety and security during transit.

From cold-weather units designed to withstand extreme negative 50-degree weather, to international units engineered with a smaller footprint for shipping, and heat-resistant units with features that maintain insulation in scorching desert heat, FAS’ diverse model portfolio can effortlessly maintain automated fueling operations in any climate across the globe.

Each automated fueling unit arrives equipped with the FAS Cloud, a fully integrated, cloud-based operating system that seamlessly integrates with multiple existing systems to automate processes, streamline billing functions and eliminate the need for field-level paperwork.  Data derived from fueling operations can help international customers manage their fuel spend and keep track of fuel inventory in real-time, while providing assurance of delivery accuracy in high-theft areas.  With built-in reporting and analytics in the FAS Cloud, customers can drill into the fuel consumption by equipment to identify areas of efficiency gains and drive down their overall fuel consumption.

Accessible from any device over a secure internet connection, the FAS Cloud provides 24/7 connectivity in the most remote locations across the world and is controlled from FAS’ Command Center in Houston, TX. Round-the-clock monitoring and remote shutdown features have allowed the team to optimize operations, reduce response times and increase efficiencies for their global customer base.

“Our top priority is helping our customers increase safety, efficiency and productivity in their fueling operations through the innovation of new models and technical solutions,” said Founder, Chairman & Owner, Sam Simon. “We’re looking forward to consistently disrupting industry standards as we continue to expand our global footprint.”


About Fuel Automation Station
Fuel Automation Station (FAS) is a patented automated fueling solution that is setting the standard for safety and efficiency across multiple industries worldwide. Capable of providing automated product level management and delivery to as many as 28 distinct inventories simultaneously, FAS technology boosts operational efficiency while eliminating spills, hazards, and downtime.  FAS offers a smart and secure cloud-based digital platform that provides customers with real-time data insight into their day-to-day fueling operations and is part of the Simon Group Holdings energy technology portfolio.  For more information on the Fuel Automation Station, visit www.fuelautomationstation.com.