Reduce Carbon Emissions in the Oil Field

CNG & LNG Solutions

FAS understands the evolving needs around CSR, ESG and the positive influence we can have on this world as a result of our business activities.  Our Natural Gas division can lower your jobsite diesel costs and significantly reduce your carbon emissions.  Our knowledgeable team can create custom fueling solutions that meet the needs of your jobsite and help achieve your corporate ESG goals.

  • Field Treatment & Filtration
  • Compression
  • Virtual Pipeline
  • Pressure Reduction
  • Gas Manifold & On-site Services
  • Turnkey Gas Pipeline Buyback Meter Installation
  • Remote Monitoring, Data & Logistics


Dual-Fueling provides oil and gas exploration and production operators and completions companies access to more affordable energy. Through strategic partnerships and investments in manifold equipment and technology, we have the ability treat natural gas so operators can use wellhead gas, CNG or LNG to fuel their frac operations.


Want the insight to make better decisions? Let our experts walk you through a fueling solution tailored to your specific business needs.

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