Achieve the Highest Levels of Safety, Efficiency and Productivity

The Challenge:

Fuel is essential to keep a fracking operation going. To maintain worker safety, companies must slow or even halt production in the hot zone to fuel. This can cause significant delays, downtime and revenue loss.

The Solution:

The Fuel Automation Station provides a fully automated fueling solution, removing workers from the hot zone so production can continue. No delays, downtime or added costs.

Plus, with features such as a plug-and-play design, simultaneous fueling, built-in fail safes, and real-time visibility, your fracking operation will reach new heights of efficiency and productivity.

The Fuel Automation Station provides advanced technology solutions and cloud-based insight to disrupt current industry practices. Workers are no longer required to enter a well-pad in proximity to high pressure pumping equipment in order to manually fuel equipment. It’s helped many of our customers efficiently and safely increase their pumping capabilities.

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